Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Only 24 Hours in a Day

Time is different when you're on vacation. Days are slow but weeks fly by. I spent a week here...

And now it's time to get back to regular life. It is hard, so let's procrastinate. Sometimes I procrastinate by reading blogs. I especially like procrastinating with stories of how a book came to be, how to land a literary agent, or what an author's writing habits are.

None of this helps my writing. Only writing helps my writing and there are only so many hours of the day in which to do it. Squeezing out those hours is a challenge that at times (like after vacation) seems impossible. But when the alarm goes off at some ungodly hour, before other daily obligations interfere, a motivating word comes to mind. Sacred. It's a sacred time. Remembering that usually does the trick. And, of course, caffeine helps, too.
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