Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thawing Out

Illinois SCBWI held its Spring Thaw meeting last weekend at the Morton Arboretum. The guests were none other than Lin Oliver and Stephen Mooser, the founders of SCBWI. What a pleasure to hear them speak about their writing and the history of SCBWI. I went for inspiration, and I was inspired.
Lin gave her baker's dozen of the best writing tips that she's gleaned from successful writers over the years. She is generous; her baker's dozen is 14. One of my favorites was "Make it shorter." That applies to everything, right? Each of her tips was a nugget, and if you'd like to hear them all, I recommend you see her speak some day. She had everyone laughing the whole afternoon.
She and Stephen also ran through a history of SCBWI. Their laid-back style from the get-go (as a Midwesterner, I'd call it "Californian") still defines the organization. Anyone who's ever been to an SCBWI meeting knows what a supportive, caring community it is. There is nothing competitive here. I love the word "tribe" and it came up a lot throughout the day. Finding your tribe feels really good. When Lin and Stephen went looking for their tribe 40-odd years ago, they found it and made it so the rest of us could find it too.
Happy writing. Happy Spring.

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